get online

Your digital presence

We build websites using a system developed by Squarespace. They are reliable, fast to build and mobile friendly websites. Why reinvent the wheel?  You can utilise this world-renowned platform to get online quickly for a low startup cost. We also offer a one day workshop where we help you setup your own website.

What about Social Media?  It can feel very overwhelming, especially creating the adverts and knowing how to reach your target audience. We take the stress out of it by creating or designing content, posting it and managing your community online. We know which platform is best for your particular business and can set it up for you, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Each have their unique style, voice and content requirements, let us handle it for you.

If you would like to know how to do your own social media, we run a one day course on each of the platforms.  We are happy to show you the ropes and teach you the tricks.